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You belong here.
Connect with like-hearted coaches, teachers, practitioners, healers, and changemakers
Unparalleled resources organized for personal and business development
Find or host workshops, classes, courses, and programs
The Human Array is a network and marketplace of self-development field leaders, built with the wellbeing of all members in mind. Our mutually-supportive community is learning, commerce, and collaboration on one platform.
A bridge between marketplace contributors and seekers of knowledge

Calling all

You belong here.

Rise to your highest potential, personally and professionally

We are building a new way of being in community. This is a space like none other – a conscious and connected space for living, growing, and creating, uniquely shaped by each of our members.

A bridge between marketplace contributors and seekers of knowledge


Want to experience the difference? Our free inquirer membership gives you a peek at the Catalysts and programs in the community. Think of it like a directory. For the community engagement experience, upgrade to a Seeker membership.

Businesses and soloprenuers


Looking for more than tech solutions? Ready to share the weight of running your business? Get help with the hard stuff, bring your audience together, and connect with others whose business is their passion.

Membership includes

Custom Profile Space built for you

Private community space(s) for your offerings

Be visible to Seekers by promoting your offerings for free events in the main community

Exclusive Catalyst Group Space and Catalyst Conversation Circles

Weekly networking calls

Mastermind and Accountability Groups

Access to business and marketing solutions and support (including branding, emails, course creation, promotion on our channels, and more)

Beginning at $44/month with a $111 one-time start-up cost.

Some of the monthly cost can be offset by contributing and nourishing the community in a variety of ways (suggestions welcome to tailor to your gifts and skills). Apply and learn more.

Host your programs (group or self-guided classes, video courses, etc.)



Committed to your personal growth journey? Ready to live a vibrant, fulfilling life? As a Seeker, you get access to resources, events, and programs offered by the community and over 60 Catalysts.

Membership includes

Workshops, classes, and events to support your personal growth

Monthly free offerings

Find your people—an array of friends and collaborators to reach out to

Access to a variety of curated professionals 

Free self-development resources

An inspired collection of programs hosted by The Human Array Catalysts

Countless opportunities to work toward personal fulfillment and be more connected to your unique purpose


Conversation Circles

– Robin Thomas, co-leader and owner of Phoenix Rising Healings

Find more joy in yourself, your life, and in others

Our Catalysts offer guidance and programming in an array of holistic health, lifestyle, and personal improvement topics and modalities. There's something here for everyone.

Project Name

Project Name

Project Name

Project Name

Nic Coren Pavick, MD

Embodied Divine Health, Author, and Fitness Leader

Sarah Gale

Wearing Your Worth: True Style Essence

Teresa Bradford

Nutrition Energetics

Taylor Somerville

Symmetry: Stress Management, Certified XPT Master Coach

Shuang-Min Chang

Achievement Coach and Intuitive Healer

Shane McDermott

Visionquest Creativity: Nature Photography and Courses

Ryan Bartlett

Regen Ryan: Regenerative Agriculture and Sacred Living Systems

Ruby Sheng Nichols

Reclaiming Your Magic and Closing the Wellness Gap for BIPOC

Robin Thomas

Phoenix Rising Healings

Mitch Gray

Career and Life Coach and Author

Meghan Roekle, PSYD

Fullfillment and Meditation

Lillian Murray

Elevated Living: Youth, Parent and Family Coaching

Elaine Canepa

Innersource: Life Alignment

Cari Taylor

One Living System: Author and Alignment Services

André​e Gonzalez

Goldroot Pathways: Spiritual Growth and Guidance

Amanda Watson Johnson

Wellness Coaching, Podcast, and Wildflower Essences

Amanda Johnson

Heartspark: Life Coaching and Reiki

Ainsley Beasley

Holistic Nutritionist and Yogi

A sample of our Catalysts

These wonder-humans are bringing their passions to our tapestry of heart-centered, wholeness-focused leaders; together we are creating a flourishing community.

Straight from the heart

When you find your people, it's like a breath of fresh air.

I really really appreciate the support I am getting from you and the team. For the first time, I don’t feel like I am going it alone anymore. Thank you.

–  Shuang-Min Chang