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Community is an ancient truth we have lost.

Let's rebuild the art of participating in community.

In a world often marked by individualism and disconnection, a quiet yearning for a return to the authentic bonds of community has begun to stir. The echoes of ancient wisdom beckon us, urging us to rekindle the flames of communal interdependence that once illuminated the human experience. This reclamation is not a mere nostalgic endeavor, but a purposeful revival of the profound essence that sustained our ancestors through ages of triumph and tribulation alike.


As we embark on this transformative journey, we find ourselves guided by tenets that resonate across time and cultures. These tenets transcend the constraints of hierarchies and embrace the egalitarian spirit that lies at the heart of true community:


There are no experts.

Within the sacred circle of community, the hierarchy of knowledge dissolves. Each voice holds equal weight, contributing to a tapestry of collective wisdom that weaves the threads of diverse perspectives into a harmonious whole.


The table is round.

The metaphorical table around which we gather is devoid of head or foot. Its circular form symbolizes unity, fostering an environment where every member is an integral part of the dialogue, shaping the communal narrative.


We embody the change we want to see.

Beyond words and ideals, true community emerges from the actions and intentions of its members. By exemplifying the values we hold dear, we become living testaments to the transformative power of collective commitment.

Step out of convenience and into empowerment.

The path to genuine connection requires us to transcend the allure of convenience. As we relinquish the fleeting comforts of isolation, we discover the empowering embrace of shared responsibilities and shared joys.


We thrive in the liminal space.

The fertile ground of transition and uncertainty is where our community takes root and flourishes. It is in this liminal space that we cast aside preconceptions, inviting growth and discovery with open hearts and open minds.


We Evolve. Constantly.

Like the flowing river that reshapes the landscape it touches, our community adapts and evolves. Embracing change as an inherent part of our journey, we remain resilient and open to the lessons that transformation brings.

As we embark on this odyssey of rediscovery, let us heed the call to reawaken the lost ancient art of community. Together, we shall breathe life into these tenets, weaving a tapestry of connection, support, and shared purpose. In reclaiming the essence of what it means to be truly human, we honor the past while sowing the seeds of a more harmonious and interconnected future.

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Lean into your best self.

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