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It is time to change the way we work and live.


Unlock your unique gifts. Strengthen your relationships. Improve your well-being.

Join the deeply connected community that offers unparalleled personal and professional growth in one place.

Attend events and classes

Communicate with other members facing similar challenges

Connect with heart-centered coaches

Immerse yourself in videos, articles, and podcasts


what is the Human array?

The unique opportunity to learn from coaches and members in a deeply connected experience that you just can’t get from a profile picture and bio.


Guidance, support, and coaching in an interactive community.

Countless resources. Personal connection. 24/7 availability. 


Access personal and professional growth tools in one secure, organized location

  • Attend online events and classes

  • Communicate with other members facing similar challenges

  • Connect with trained coaches

  • Watch videos, read articles, and listen to podcasts


You’ve decided to make a big change in your life. You understand the power you have to take control and you’re ready to experience the vibrant and fulfilling life you deserve. 


But where do you even start to find the right support?


You may be following Instagram influencers, reading inspirational books, or listing to motivational podcasts, but nothing is organized and you’re not sure how to put the advice into action. Perhaps you’ve considered hiring an individual coach, but became overwhelmed while trying to find the right person. Or maybe you’ve sought guidance from friends and family who can’t relate to the struggle you are facing.


Getting the support you need shouldn’t be this hard!


As a member of The Human Array, you’ll have access to a library of resources from a variety of professionals, a community of supportive like-minded individuals, and a team of qualified coaches you can connect with individually should you choose.  


You control your experience in a single location that’s organized for you.


What could be easier than that?

The Human Array members benefit from a rich experience that is:

Easy and Convenient

With just one click from your computer or mobile device, you’ll work toward your goals at the time and place that works for you. Before you know it, you’ll be looking forward to your time in waiting rooms or carpool line! Evenings and weekends too. Miss an online event? You can watch the recording! Feeling alone late at night? Your community is here for you… and you can be there for them.

Varied and Dynamic

You’ll be able to explore a variety of tools to help you reach your goals. You may gain insights from reading articles and watching videos from our coaches, strengthen skills during online events and classes, build connections with other members who are on a similar journey, or participate in all three! The ongoing addition of new members and coaches means you’ll get new content and experiences every time you log on.

Customized and Organized for You

The days of searching for that article you saved three months ago are over! The Human Array’s customizable experience puts you in the driver’s seat of your personal or professional growth experience. Listen to the coaches whose approach to parenting resonates with you. Chat with members who are facing similar career challenges. Attend classes on wellness topics that interest you. You are in complete control. And everything you need is in one organized space.

Flexible and Affordable

The whole concept of The Human Array is grounded in the idea that prioritizing your well-being should not be difficult or costly. That’s why we start our membership fee at $10/month and allow you to pause, rejoin, or cancel whenever you need to. As a member-driven platform, the more you participate, the more you benefit, so we encourage you to spend some time with us to create the life you deserve.

Boost your experience with one-to-one coaching

Many of our members get the support they need through the rich membership experience. Others amplify that support with individual coaching. You’ll get to know our coaches through your membership, and if you want to dive deeper with a particular coach, you’ll have the information and confidence you need to reach out to them directly.

Membership Details:

Your Human Array membership includes:

  • An ever-growing library of free coaching resources including videos, articles, how-to documents, podcasts, and more – all organized by topic.

  • Access to classes, group discussions, and online events on a variety of topics (and access to recordings if you can’t make the live session!)

  • Connection via chat to a community of supportive members facing similar life challenges. 

  • A team of coaches you will get to know through online events, interactive conversations, and even private sessions if you choose.  

  • Five collaboration areas – Career, Health & Wellness, Mindset, Parenting, Spiritual – to organize your resources, contacts, and conversations.

  • An interactive public feed where coaches and members share articles, discussion topics, inspirational ideas, and more.

  • Access to The Great Connect Podcast, hosted by Carrie Allen & Amy Pons

The search is over. 
Your journey to a vibrant, fulfilling life begins now.
Take control. 

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