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Organizational Change.

Bring a big impact to your organization through a custom designed program.

Retain talent and achieve business goals with human mentorship.

Organizations of every size have different challenges. The common denominator? People.

Human mentorship isn’t about telling you how run your business. It is about helping your team gain the skills to work together better, thus making the entire business more successful. Plus, your employees value that you are invested in them, therefore retaining great talent.

Choose from the options below or create something unique for your organization.


Interactive Session.

$999 per 1 hour session

Choose from a variety of topics or create a custom session for your organization to invite more authentic leadership for your team.


Exclusive Mastermind.

$4,999 per group for a 12 week program

Have you identified the next generation of leaders at your organization? Help them succeed by giving them the tools that will make them great leaders, help your organization achieve its goals, and retain that great talent.


Immersive Transformation.

Custom pricing

Feeling like your organization could use a refresh? Create a custom program that transforms your organization into one that creates and cultivates great talent thus resulting in hitting business goals faster.

Employee benefit that actually benefits employees.

Offer The Human Array as a professional development benefit for your employees. They can proceed at their own pace, supported by you. You gain higher functioning employees and retain more talent.

*Corporate partnership rates available.

Session Topics

  • Successful succession planning

  • The basics of being a great manager.

  • How to have a productive conversation.

  • How to retain and motivate your team.

  • Creating a mentorship organization.

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