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Hello friends

Welcome to The Human Array!

I believe in the power of people. We each have unique talents and skills. However, sometimes those things get lost or we aren't open to the opportunity. That's why I founded The Human Array.

Our goal is to empower you by unlocking your power and talents and then help you do that for others.

I believe that if we can look at the world around us and see that we can learn from each other, it can help us be our best selves. Friendships come in all shapes and sizes, so let’s start to see the opportunity from those around us rather than holding ourselves back. Friends I know extremely well, some I know just a little, and some I have yet to meet.

The idea of friendship is important because it reframes relationships with others (especially in the workplace) as an opportunity rather than competition. We are bombarded with negativity and the need to compete. What if we saw it differently? Opened our eyes to learning from others rather than outdoing others? I think the world would be a much better place.

Our digital world creates a new type of friendship. One in which you may never meet the person face-to-face. Missing that doesn't make a friendship any less valuable or impactful. So I hope, as I share my experiences, inspiration, and offerings with you, you will start to think of me as a friend. Just you reading this already creates a friendship in my mind because I appreciate and value the fact that you're here.

Thank you for being here, friend.


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