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The Human Array

Guidance, support, and coaching in an interactive online community
Countless resources. Personal connection. 24/7 availability.

Access personal and professional growth tools in one secure, organized location
  • Attend online events and classes
  • Communicate with other members facing similar challenges
  • Connect with trained coaches
  • Watch videos, read articles, and listen to podcasts

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Unlock your unique gifts. Strengthen your relationships. Improve your well-being.


You’ve decided to make a change in/improve your life. You understand the power you have to take control and you’re ready to experience the vibrant and fulfilling life you deserve.

But where do you even start to find the right support?

You may be following Instagram influencers, reading inspirational books, or listing to motivational podcasts, but nothing is organized and you’re not sure how to put the advice into action. Perhaps you’ve considered hiring an individual coach, but became overwhelmed while trying to find the right person. Or maybe you’ve sought guidance from friends and family who can’t relate to the struggle you are facing.

Getting the support you need shouldn’t be this hard!

As a member of The Human Array, you’ll have access to a library of resources from a variety of professionals, a community of supportive like-minded individuals, and a team of qualified coaches you can connect with individually should you choose.

You control your experience in a single location that’s organized for you.


What could be easier than that?

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Individual Mentorship

Develop the skills of an authentic leader and achieve your goals through a one-on-one program.

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Collaborative Mentorship

Learn from your peers and Carrie as you become a more authentic leader.

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Organizational Change

Bring a big impact to your organization through a custom-designed program.


Let’s change the way we work. Let’s lean into our passions and strengths to make better decisions, resolve difficult situations, and gain more fulfillment in our everyday lives.

The Human Array method embraces who we are individually to help us succeed in our career through human mentorship.

You can become a better leader, get the job that you want, or create a career you’re passionate about. Your company can become more effective and efficient by changing the way your employees interact.

Hi! I’m Carrie

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Career Mapping Masterclass

Feeling stuck in your career? Want to get promoted but don't know how? Unsure what job is the right next step? Career Mapping is your answer

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We can change the way we work by leading through human mentorship. Sign up to elevate your leadership style.

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