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It’s nice to meet you.

I believe that we can change the way we work by leading with human mentorship.

After nearly 20 years cultivating teams and talent, I want to bring human mentorship to every workplace. I’ve held leadership positions at well established brands, growth stage companies, and start-ups. I’ve learned a lot and I want to share those learnings with you. Organizations of every size have different challenges.

Different departments face different challenges. Each industry has different challenges. The common denominator? People.

I am now bringing my passion for people to human mentorship through The Human Array.

Human mentorship isn’t about telling you how to do your job.

It is about helping you gain the skills to figure out how to achieve your goals - professionally AND personally.
By understanding the basics of how to work, or more importantly, how to work with people, you can achieve anything. A team that works well together really can move mountains. Your career can reach the highest peaks if you can cultivate the skills to work with people.